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3M Pre-Taped Drop Cloth PT2093EL-24(Case)

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Product Overview

Scotch-Blue™ Pre-taped Painter's Plastic combines the versatility of Scotch-Blue™ Painters Tape with the added protection of plastic drop cloth to protect against those accidental paint splatters and drips. Film unfolds to 24 inches.

          Size:(CASE of 6)
  • Tape and film combined in one!
  • Applications: trim, fixtures, cabinets, windows & doors and baseboards
  • 14 day clean removal
  • Film unfolds to 24"

If you've ever used cheap drop cloths on a project , you'll really appreciate this product. Professionals use 3M Safe-Release Painters' Masking Tape for their high quality and consistency from roll to roll. Also known as Hand-Masker Plastic Drop Cloth.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review